Analysis: Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

As I have become a big fan of social media lately and discovered a website that provides an analytical breakdown of Twitter accounts, I was pleasantly surprised to find this morning that I had a score of 7 out of 10, suggesting my followers are real and engaged. I then, out of curiosity, decided to check Donald Trump’s score and was shocked to find it to be a measly 1.79, suggesting most of his 8.6 million Twitter followers are bots or inactive accounts.

Here is a screenshot for proof:

Twopcharts proves Trump has fake Twitter followers.

The website I’m talking about is Twopcharts, which provides all sorts of feedback on individual accounts to allow users to determine the quality of these accounts. As part of its analysis, a random sample of 100 of the last 5,000 of his followers was taken to derive the score of 1.79. I have done other analyses giving similar numbers yesterday.

Here is the distribution of Trump’s followers:

Donald Trump's fake Twitter followers.

According to the analysis, up to 59 percent of his followers are fake or spam, and up to 82 percent are fake, spam, inactive, or not engaged. This means Trump is being given much more credit than what is due by the mass media regarding his supposed social media savvy. It also shows that, contrary to his pitch, he isn’t quite the authentic candidate he’d like others to believe.

To be fair, any major presidential candidate is likely to become a magnet for bots and spam accounts, but the paltry score of 1.79 is still mind-boggling given the attention the mainstream media gives to his Twitter activity.

For comparison, Bernie Sanders, while still low at 3.53, seems to rate considerably higher than Trump, suggesting that, in some way, he is more authentic than Trump and his message resonates more with the American people, or at least those who use Twitter, which I imagine to be a better-educated group than average, due to the skill involved in effectively using the social tool.

[Update: Sanders’ numbers on his other account appear to be similar to Trump’s according to tests I have done, though the point still stands that most of Trump’s followers are fake, contrary to claims made by the mainstream media. He’s gotten far more attention over his Twitter activity than other candidates.]

Here is the analysis of Sanders for comparison:

Senator Sanders has a respectable Twitter score.

Here is the analysis of my followers:

EthicsVictory fights Kent Security of Miami with a high Twopcharts score.

My high score of 7.10 simply underscores that Twitter is a very effective tool for political and social justice activists, with plenty of real, engaged potential followers.

If you agree with me that Trump should be called out for his fake Twitter followers, spread this article around and let others know about it.

Author: ethicsvictory

We are fighting for labor rights with an aim to improve labor conditions.

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