The Labor Board vs. Kent Security of Naples

This post aims to clarify the legal consequences to Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security’s unprofessional conduct as reported by the Miami New Times.

Notably, Gil Neuman, the CEO of the family-owned business — I emphasize this because I wonder what would be the outcome if he were the CEO of a business owned by non-relatives and goofed up like this — reportedly described the paddles as a “tasteless joke,” in effect at least partially justifying this misconduct at the gatehouse, refusing to even condemn the behavior.

After months of investigation, the National Labor Relations Board felt that Kent Security behaved unlawfully and had the company agree to post up notices at gatehouses in and around Naples to inform employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Here is the notice so it can remain on the public record:

Kent Security of Naples Notice of NLRA Rights.
Kent Security of Naples Notice of NLRA Rights

I’m posting this notice up to provide the truth to the public and to prevent Kent Security of North Miami (where the company is headquartered) from brushing this embarrassing situation under the carpet. In particular, this provides the public with a glimpse of the conduct of Kent Security’s executives when they are not in the public eye. It’s important for the community of South Florida — and communities in other parts of the country — to see how this company treats employees so that it can make better choices as to which companies it will reward lucrative contracts. The fact of the matter is that the humane and dignified treatment of employees is a bedrock principle from which a happy and prosperous community is built. This is also a basic free-market principle.

I should add, as a matter of opinion, that by justifying the misconduct at the gatehouse and inflaming an already tense situation involving negative press coverage, the CEO Gil Neuman gave a black mark to his family business in a display of wanton recklessness.

Author: ethicsvictory

We are fighting for labor rights against Kent Security with an aim to improve labor conditions.

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